Don Grigware, Broadway World Los Angeles
Carpenter manifests Billy's brusque attitude and manner to perfection. His "Soliloquy" is not delivered so much as a dynamic musical number but more as an extension of a written monologue in which he is trying desperately to come to terms with his future prospects. A truly marvelous performance from Carpenter! I am happy to say I have seen his work on local stages for the past 10 years; he has a magnificent voice and has most definitely grown into a very fine actor.

Steven Stanley, StageScene LA
As for the seven extraordinary minutes of Billy’s thematically and musically complex “Soliloquy,” Carpenter’s performance cements his status as one of L.A. musical theater’s most gifted discoveries.

Michael L. Quintos, On Stage
As Billy, Carpenter is truly an intriguing actor to watch, that is when you’re not already mesmerized by his unbelievably marvelous singing voice. 

Ken Jaworoski, The New York Times
Doug Carpenter, as Cable, also finds his strongest moments when singing. His potent “You’ve Got to Be Carefully Taught” supplies the character with real depth.

Marina Kennedy, Broadway World
Lt. Joseph Cable (Doug Carpenter) is stunning as he performs the heartfelt song, Younger than Springtime to the beautiful Liat.

John Kenrick,
The real find in this production is Doug Carpenter, who not only plays Lt. Joseph Cable with extraordinary passion, but makes "Younger Than Springtime" genuinely breathtaking.

Hayley Levitt, Theater Mania
Doug Carpenter's soaring tenor is one of the most pleasant voices an audience could ask to deliver this hearty message[...] Carpenter powerfully delivers the musical's sharply insightful "You've Got to Be Carefully Taught," following his stunning rendition of the hopelessly romantic "Younger Than Springtime," which he performs to one of the production's largest ovations.

Ronnie Reich, The Star Ledger
Doug Carpenter nails the heart-tugging part of Lt. Joseph Cable — who falls in love with a Tonkinese girl — with a wrenchingly vivid characterization and a classically beautiful voice that has a throwback quality. His smooth, naturally flowing baritone is capped by a lush vibrato in the romantic "Younger Than Springtime" and the bitter "You’ve Got to Be Carefully Taught."

Sylviane Gold, The New York Times
Their singing is immaculate, their acting persuasive enough to let us forget they are singing. Tony and Rosabella feel like real people. So does Doug Carpenter’s melancholy Joe, who reveals his wanderlust in the soulful “Joey, Joey, Joey.”

The Oregonian
Most valuable performer: Doug Carpenter as Billy Kostecki belts out one of only a handful of songs sung to completion, but his earnest and soaring "In The Still Of The Night (I'll Remember)" was a showstopper. 

Dawn Reno Langley, Triangle
However, the surprise of the evening — and the performance that rated the unabashed love and longest applause from the Durham Performing Arts Center patrons — was the top-notch singing delivered by Doug Carpenter...But when Carpenter fills the theater with “In the Still of the Night,” sung with poignancy and a smoothness that puts more well-known singers to shame, he truly steals the show; and the show is in his pocket for the rest of the evening.
For a show as strong as this one to be stolen by a singer who isn’t considered a lead is amazing, but Carpenter does it handily. The DPAC audience must have known that they were watching a star who might soon be a household name.

The Washington Post
A couple of terrific singers shine: Doug Carpenter, who plays Johnny’s cousin Billy Kostecki, belts a gorgeous “In the Still of the Night.

Jennifer Minich, MD Theatre Guide
In a captivating subplot, Shallow and Doug Carpenter’s (Billy Kostecki/Singer) characters express through song their mutually, suppressed desire for each other. Carpenter’s gifts as a comedian and actor are only outmatched by his truly compelling vocals. Together, Shallow and Carpenter close the performance with a truly remarkable version of “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life.” Standout numbers include “You Don’t Own Me,” “In The Still Of The Night (I’ll Remember),” and “This Magic Moment Merengue.” I cannot give enough praise to these two individuals.



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